Based on our research and industry experience, we feel that more attackers will utilize email based attacks in attempt to infiltrate corporate and government networks in 2010. Network and Application security controls are mitigating more threats, so this pushes attackers to look for other vulnerabilities. Email security relies on human interaction and thought process, this the dynamics of this environment pose a significant risk.

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We understand that each industry has a different set of needs when relating to security testing. That is why we developed all of our services to be modular- meaning that they may be added in any combination desired to fit your exact needs. The list below highlights industries we currently service:

  • Finance The majority of our customers are banks, credit unions, and community banks. We have spent years developing our FFIEC based assessments to include Penetration testing/Ethical Hacking, FFIEC Risk assessment, Vulnerability Assessments, Social Engineering, and Physical security Assessments.
  • Government PacketFocus has performed contract work for the State of Alabama, State of Florida, State of Virginia, and Dade County to name a few. Common services to this industry are risk assessment, vulnerability assessment, social engineering,penetration testing, and physical security assessments.
  • Sub-Contract PacketFocus sub-contracts to numerous US based security companied to perform specialized services such as Social Engineering, Phishing Assessments, and Ethical Hacking. When other companies need a simulated cyber attack, they call us!.

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4/17-18/2010 - PacketFocus. Whitehat Security and Imperva to host a series of "Lunch and Learn" sessions discussing application attacks, and how to mitigate this risk.RSVP. Locations will be Birmingham and Huntsville Alabama @ Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.

5/12-15/2010 - NASCC: The internal Steel confernce in Orlando Florida. PacketFocus CEO Joshua Perrymon to present on the topic of email and internet security Steel industry business leaders.Location